Refunds Policy and Procedures

We do our best here to make sure our customers are satisfied with their online orders, However, we also know that sometimes there are reasons for refunds and exchange. Below are the procedures for fast and accurate refunds.

I got the wrong product, or the product never came!

Unfortunately, this can happen to any of us. If you have this issue, then contact us immediately! We will expressly track down our inventory and know where the missing merchandise is and make sure it is handled properly. If you decide that a refund is still deemed necessary, we will contact you with the information you have given us to verify by phone or email. If the merchandise has been delivered, you will need to ship us the unused and undamaged product back. We will send you a return envelope with postage, that is properly addressed so that you are not responsible for the postage and boxing. We work hard and efficiently to make sure that you know what it is you are ordering.

I didn't receive my refund!

Our products are primarily sold as is. However, when we find it necessary to issue refunds, the transfer of money back to an individuals source of purchase can possibly take up to 30 days! If you have not received your refund in this alloted time, you will need to call our customer support team so we can contact our payment providers.

Partial and Full Refunds

We do sometimes find it neccessary to issue partial refunds. These are in rare instances, please contact our customer support team if you need more information on our partial refund policy in greater detail. 

If you still have further concerns, please send us an email at